Latest Update : 27th March 2004


Bruntingthorpe VMAX, 21st March 2003

164mph down Bruntingthorpe Airfield with a load of badger chasing.

Take 1
Low Quality, 512kbps 17Mb
High Quality, 1.3Mbps 33Mb

Take 2
Low Quality, 512kbps 19Mb
High Quality, 1.3Mbps 37Mb


Noble Factory Track Day, 17th October 2003

Noble Owners Track Day
Rockingham Speedway, 
21 Drivers
30+ Noble Cars
Guest Pro Drivers
7 hrs of track time

High Quality, 75Mb

Low Quality, 9Mb


Autocar Noble Track Day, 6th June 2003

Autocar Noble Track Day

High Quality, 500kbps - 212Mb!

Low Quality, 103kbps. 20Mb


Bruntingthorpe VMAX, 3rd May 2004


In the Rain
Lamborghini Dialbo Run
2nd Wet Run
Startline Launches
HandCam Cert18 **
Final Dry Run


Noble M12 2.5l "Sound Test"

Want to know what the  dump valves in a 2.5l Noble sounds like?

Going up 3 gears down a road outside Warlingham.

High Quality, 230kbps

Low Quality, 100kbps

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