Servicing - Taking the Door Trim Off

Latest Update : 12th July 2004


This section is designed to give some step by step guides to doing simple jobs on your Noble. Click on the small images to open up a full size picture.

Taking the door apart
One day my drivers door stopped winding down, and the door window "flapped" around when the door was closed. I presumed the window had come away from it's runners so I decided to take the door apart to re-seat it.

1. Open the door fully
Noble Window Fix 001

2. Unscrew the four screws holding the speaker grill in place
Noble Window Fix 002

3. Take the grill off, and carefully take out the speaker
Noble Window Fix 003

4. Unplug the speaker from the wires
Noble Window Fix 004

5. Unscrew the screw from the middle of the door handle
Noble Window Fix 005

6. Unscrew the three screws from the window winder and remove. Note: These are "hex" headed screws
Noble Window Fix 006 Noble Window Fix 007

7. Unscrew the screws from around the edge of the door trim 
Noble Window Fix 004 Noble Window Fix 008

8. Take the screw out of the door "handle" 
Noble Window Fix 009

9. In order to take the door trim off you need to take the four wing nuts off from the back. Stick your arm through the speaker hole and feel behind where the left and right upright parts of the door pocket are. You will find four wingnuts and four washers.
Noble Window Fix 010 Noble Window Fix 011
Note: You may want to get someone with skinny but long arms to do the two down the far end of the door as you have to sit down on the sill facing the rear of the car and put your arm all the way in. People with large arms can expect to have to push their arm in and get the following bruises!

10. It was at this point that it became apparent that the reason the window wouldn't wind down was because the door "runner" (the felt covered rubber runner) had come adrift and slid downTake the screw out of the door "handle" 
Noble Window Fix 013  Noble Window Fix 015

11. Take the two screws out of the window channel (note the absence of the door runner)
Noble Window Fix 016

12. You then need to take the plastic that covers the door (too keep moisture away from the door panel). It is attached using duct tape - carefully pull the tape off.
The door channel is held in by two screws that are placed in the "arm rest" directly underneath the door winder (I put the winder handle back on temporarily to allow me to move the window up and down).. 
Noble Window Fix 017 Noble Window Fix 018 Noble Window Fix 019
You will also need to un-stick the "flap" of rubber from runner channel

13. Once these have been removed, you need to cut the channel away from the door where it is attached by some silicone sealant. I used a craft knife to separate the door runner from the door. 
Noble Window Fix 020 Noble Window Fix 021

14. Here you can clearly see the way that the runner has moved down 
Noble Window Fix 022

15. So I pulled it out, re-ran it in the channel and then re-affixed it using a reasonable amount of two-pack expoy resin glue to keep it attached at the top. 
Noble Window Fix 023

16. Interestingly I found that the central locking wire had become entagled at some point with the winder mechanism (there are cable ties that are meant to stop this happening - but it had got "nicked" somehow) - so whilst I was there I unplugged the cable from the central locking mechanism and re-spliced in a new bit of cable
Noble Window Fix 025

17. I then re-cable tied the cable to the door - ensuring it was well away from the winder mechanism. 
Noble Window Fix 026 Noble Window Fix 028

18. The finished door. 
Noble Window Fix 029

19. Reassembly is just a reverse of taking it apart.

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