Latest Update : 4th October 2003


Essex Blat : 27th September 2003
Great time blatting around Essex with a few PHers. Having to keep the car under 4000 rpm was painful as I'm still running it in, but good time had anyway.


Bruntingthorpe : 27th April 2003
Great time for a whole day spent hooning it down the main straight at Bruntingthorpe (see the Bruntingthorpe thread on

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Bruntingthorpe : 29th March 2003
Great time had at the TMS track day at Bruntingthorpe - got the Noble up to 147 mph down the straight.

Clicking on any of the pictures will open a new window with a slide show of all the pictures in it.

Headrests : 8th February 2003
Noble have managed to get some headrests done for the seats which makes it much more comfortable on long journeys. 


Devon : 25th October 2002
Drove down to Devon for a free weekend at a country hotel that I won as a prize in a charity raffle. A few pictures of the car

Dartmoor Weekend 008.jpgDartmoor Weekend 009.jpgDartmoor Weekend 010.jpgDartmoor Weekend 011.jpg

Motorshow : 24th October 2002
Drove the Noble up to the Motorshow and had a long weekend at a country hotel in Devon FOC due to winning it in a charity ball.

Went to the Motorshow - made a beeline for the Noble Stand, and within 20 minutes had ordered a GTC! Just seeing the car meant I had to have one - as it's exactly what I was after - something to replace the Elise with but with significantly more poke. Alan Wallace said that there were at least 7 people in front of me (dam dam dam) and I was there at 9:30am on the first public day!

Motor Show 2002 001.jpgMotor Show 2002 003.jpgMotor Show 2002 004.jpg
Motor Show 2002 005.jpgMotor Show 2002 006.jpgMotor Show 2002 036.jpg

The rest of the Motorshow pictures can be found here.

Got back to the car to find I had left the lights on (5 hours later) and had a flat battery. Fortunately managed to convince two lads walking by to give us a push (that's what the spoiler is for!) and everything was fine.

Horrible run down to Devon from Birmingham - the rain was chucking it down. Car felt stable considering how "skittish" some tightly sprung cars can feel. Blasts around Devon country lanes were good fun - shame it just rained so much!

Trip down to the Parents
Got to show off the new toy to the parents, so I took a trip down to my Dad's cottage at Wingham - just outside Canterbury. Blasting around the country lanes was great fun!

Front of the car "bat mobile"

Interior shots

Rear of Car

Engine Bay

Front Bay (Air Con / Washer Bottle etc.)

Arty Shot

Front Side Shots of the Car

Rear Side shots of the car


"That" Wing

It's arrived!
Taken delivery of the car - a few pictures of the car outside my house


Two weeks and counting!    
Just ordered the M12 that Mole Valley had in stock - talk about lucky! Went down to see it on Saturday at their Redhill offices and took some pictures.

Justin's New Noble M12 001.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 002.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 003.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 004.jpg
Justin's New Noble M12 005.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 006.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 007.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 008.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 009.jpg
Justin's New Noble M12 010.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 011.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 012.jpgJustin's New Noble M12 013.jpg
Justin's New Noble M12 014.jpg
Justin's New Noble M12 015.jpg

Should be able to take delivery in 2 weeks!

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