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In Noble Section
A running commentary of my life with perhaps one of the finest cars available today - A Noble M12 GTO

In 2002 Motorshow Section
The MotorShow 2002 pictures. 2004 Pictures Coming Soon....

In Lotus Section
Lotus Factory Visit Open Day
Pictures of the Lotus Life open day trip to the Lotus Factory in 2001. This year we are going back on the 14th September for a look around the design studio, the emission labs, test cells and the factory again. Apparently there will be Fun fairs and Extreme Activities - I can't wait!

M250 The Car that never was
Lotus cancelled the M250 project. Look here for some pictures and videos of the M250.

In Audi Quattro Section
To come : What's running a 220bhp 20 year old classic like? 
My second (third/forth???) car, an original Audi Ur Quattro now has a section all of it's own. Learn about the things that go wrong and how much running a super car that is nearly 20 years old really costs.

In BMW X5 Section
To come : Just Pictures 
Some pictures of my BMW X5. I hope to add further sections to this in time.

In "Other Stuff" Section
To come : Scotland Jolly
Myself and Nick decided that we would take last years summer holiday driving around Scotland in the Elise! Ten days worth of clothes stuffed into the boot and we were off. Read all about the adventures we got up to.

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